Selenium Alternatives

Selenium is a professional platform to evaluate, review and compare web testing automation tools, which can be great alternatives to selenium.

Through third-party reviews for different selenium alternatives from time to time, we will recommend a wonderful web application testing software tool as the best selenium alternative each year. The recommended testing tool can work smoothly and efficiently for any web test automation projects. Testing team can use this great alternative tool to address the technical challenges with selenium.

Lemonce Editor ( - Best Selenium Alternative 2017
Lemonce Editor is an automated web app testing tool for functional and regression tests with minimal coding effort.

Our mission is to help test teams or individual testers to evaluate and compare many web application test automation tools in the market, and find out great and affordable software tool which can be the best alternative to Selenium, in order to reduce development and test cost, increase web app performance and productivity through our recommended high quality testing software and its excellent features. We are committed to select quality, reliable, cost effective, and easy-to-use web app testing tools to overcome all difficulties or challenges in selenium We welcome any comments and suggestions, especially in terms of any alternative product to selenium, QTP(UTF). If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.