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Lemonce Editor - The Best Selenium Alternative

Powerful Automated Web App Testing Tool

Lemonce Editor is web testing automation tool to let you run functional and regression testing smoothly with minimal effort. Its advanced GUI identification and web element selection techniques allow you to accurately record and play back tests reliably. Its intuitive and simple code editor enable any tester to easily create, edit, and customize multiple test cases as needed with less coding required. For more information about this great selenium alternative, please visit

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  1. Record & Playback Tests Accurately and Reliably

    As the best alternative to Selenium, Lemonce overcomes some defects in Selenium, such as the poor functionality of recording and playback. Its web UI recognition features can perform accurate element location and selection, testers can record and playback any user action reliably with high identification accuracy on any web element. The tool can auto-generate notes and readable codes during recording, and even assertions are also included automatically.

  2. Create Complex Test Cases with Ease-to-user Code Editor

    Lemonce Editor is also an powerful but intuitive code editor with highlighting syntax, which is much better than the editor of QTP (UFT),Selenium, and their alternatives. A test professional can modify and customize test cases without learning any difficult programming language like java, javascript, python, c#. Unlike other selenium alternative tools, Lemonce doesn't require heavy coding work to carry out complicated testing projects. Reusable test components and modules, are stored on the editor database to allow test team members to use them again when they generate and edit similar test cases.

  3. Create Detailed Testing Logs & Reports Automatically

    Testing reports and Logs are useful and readable with detailed logs, test execution overview, and error backtracking helpers. The built-in logs and reports will dramatically increase a test team's productivity and performance.

  4. Intuitive Script Language -LemonCase2

    Selenium testing users have to master different script or program languages, such as java, javascript, python, c#. Some selenium alternative software requires testers to grasp their difficult scripts or languages. Lemonce Editor users only need spend a little time to master a very simple language, LemonCase2, which is an advanced script language for describing test cases. LemonCase2's simple and intuitive syntax can emulate web user actions All the test codes are readable and easy to maintain.

Leomonce Editor Features (Not only the best Selenium alternatives..)

  • Accurate Recorder
  • - Accurately record and generate most test cases without coding
    - Record any web user action with accurate web UI identification
    - Create readable codes and comments automatically during test recording
    - Accurately locate web element path with multiple selectionapproaches
    - create web element selector in iframe without entering or leaving iframe

  • Easy Code Editor - A good alternative to Selenium IDE
  • - Edit and improve recordings & test suites without advanced coding skill
    - Readable test codes generated by recorder are Easy to edit and modify
    - Import reusable test cases. modules, and components conveniently
    - Create a test suite from test cases with one-click button

  • Intuitive Script language - Lemoncase2
  • - Built-in Lemonce Editor Lemoncase2
    - Describe almost all user actions with only 20+ commands in plain English
    - Simple syntax structure can simplify test case coding and editing
    - Easy to learn, modify and maintain ( readability is high)
    - Plain and intuitive syntax: easy to master, advanced programming skills not required
    - Advanced language: implement more testing goals with minimal coding workload

  • LemonceDriver - A Great Alternative to Selenium WebDriver

    - Work for direct cross-domain testing for both public and local (private) web contents, such as iframe
    - Support element selection with iframe penetration to locate and run components inside multiple iframes without writing additional codes
    - Achieve accurate simulation for any user interaction in any web app
    - Emulate precise mouse movement to trigger CSS hover
    - Play back entire mouse movements & trails with context action
    - Allow "drag- drop" operations on web element/content
    - Work for browser pop-up testing, including alert po-pup window
    - Work for "file upload" action testing
    - Work for https testing(SSL testing)
    - Chromium works as browser core
    - No need to install browser extensions or add-ons to execute test cases
    - Allow device-oriented programming

  • Bug-Tracing Logs and Abundant Reports

    - Record browser debug information
    - Create test logs for every step in test cases
    - Take a screenshot of every error step when a test fails

  • User & Platform Friendly

    - Work on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and systems
    - Support for virtual web application testing for mobile devices
    - Allow users conveniently have access to all testing data by building local work space
    - Extensions or add-on installation is not required
    - Easy to use and deploy for both web test professionals and beginner testers
    - Free version available for individual testers and open source solutions for developers
    - Affordable and flexible prcing and licensing plans for test teams; 30-day free evaluation option available with full functions

Lemonce Editor is recommended as the best selenium alternative software for web test automation after "Selenium Alternatives 2017" reviews.
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